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Apera Perks Program

Where it pays to be loyal. Literally.

It's easy & fun...

Share the love and get paid. If you love our gym bags, chances are your friends and family will too!

What is the Apera Perks Program?

Anyone can join the Apera Perks program at no cost to start reaping the benefits! Customers can earn “AperaCash” and exclusive discounts by signing up for the program.

Perks & Ways to Earn

Registering for the Apera Perks programs gives members:

Earn AperaCash


$10 AperaCash.

Your Birthday

$10 AperaCash.

Refer a Friend

$5 AperaCash per friend.

Follow & Like Us

$5 AperaCash.

Leave a Review

$5 AperaCash

Every Purchase

Earn $1 of AperaCash for every $10 spent

*In order to earn $5 per friend who registers for the Perks Program through your unique link must 1) register for the Perks Program, 2) make a purchase of $30 or more of an Apera bag, 3) not make a return on the items they purchased. Your $5 AperaCash for this reward will be added to your account 31 days after your friend’s purchase was completed. If their bag was returned, or no purchase of $30 or more was made, you will not earn the $5 AperaCash for referring them to the Perks Program.

Apera Perks

FREE USPS Priority Shipping

(1-3 day express shipping)

Express Payment Options

(PayPal Express, Apple Pay, and More)

Exclusive Sales

(Just for Perks Members)

Exceptional Customer Service

FREE No-Hassle Returns

MSE+ Discounts

(Military, Student, Educator)

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